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Loving God, Loving Others
Foundation Baptist Church exists to fulfill the two greatest commands: loving God and loving others.   We long to demonstrate our love for God by obeying His perfect Word, by worshipping Him, and by making and maturing disciples for Him. We long to demonstrate our love for others by putting their needs ahead of our own.   In a world where people tend to look out for themselves, real compassion is a breath of fresh air. We hope that you'll find that breath of fresh air in the warmth, friendliness, and genuine care of our people. We think you'll find us quite different than most churches in Calgary.   Our main services on Sunday center around joyful worship of Christ and practical expository Bible teaching and preaching.   We try not to focus on what we can get out of a worship service, but on what God gets out of our worship.   We're committed to solid expositional preaching because of the sufficiency of God's Word to meet all our spiritual needs. So if you're a believer who's looking for a church that strives both to teach and to live out the gospel, we hope you'll find what you're looking for at Foundation. If you're not yet a disciple of Jesus Christ but you're serious about finding real answers to the deepest questions of your heart, we're confident you'll find the answers at Foundation. We've been a part of the Calgary community for over 25 years, and God is still doing great things in our assembly.
We look forward to the day when you come to see for yourself.

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